Games by Max Tillberg


Falling is a love story in which a small creature has to travel through space in search of his missing girlfriend. During the journey he must jump between planets and try to use gravity to avoid the dangers of various kinds.

The game is slow moving and meditative with a music score written by Bo Karlsson. It is developed especially for Android smartphones.

24 levels (6 in the demo version)
Wonderful music
The possibility to change the colour of the game depending on lighting
Cute characters

Android 2.2 or later
Adobe Air (that is included with the game)

The game will be released later this year but it is already available as trial version.
The demo version of Falling can be downloaded here.
The demo version of the game can be also played online here.

This is the demo of the game and is limited to 6 levels. Note that this is not the final versions of the game and it will change before it is released. For example it does not contain the final music score.

Please let me know if you have any suggestions for the game or find any bugs.